Drive is an immersive journey into the ritualistic nature inherent in patterns of human behavior.  As growth and survival intertwine we witness the impact had on action and reaction.  Of what significance is the internalised biological urge to satisfy our needs? As environmental shifts increase at a rapid pace, the impact on personal evolution requires change in both our routine and balance.


The piece revolves around four white boxes. These boxes and the humans that manipulate, throw and build with them are, at times, one and the same. We play, we fight, we create and adapt. 

This piece was commissioned by the University of Salford for the Dance with US platform, an event celebrating female choreography. 

"A sensitive and beautiful work.. a work that searches for the light in the human experience of living" - Joseph Lau - Choreographer 

rachel 1
boc throw 3
f&r 4
legs 5

Photo Credit - Josh Hawkins


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