Our Team

Fern Wareham

Fern trained at The Arden and The University of Salford attaining a first class honours degree. During her time at these institutions she worked with choreographers such as Jamaal Burkmar, Peter Grist and George Adams. After graduating she began working for the Belinda Grantham Dance Company, touring work and specialising in community focused projects. Fern has also worked in the creative learning sector for Hawk Dance Theatre. Since co-founding Coalesce Dance Theatre she has choreographed and toured work to a variety of different performance platforms around the UK. Fern is interested in collaborative work, combining dance with other art forms.

Emily Davidson

Rachel Maffei

Rachel graduated from The University of Salford in 2017 with a first class honours degree in dance. During her studies she has worked with choreographers such as Jamaal Burkmar, Kapow Dance Theatre, Bridget Fiske and Joseph Lau. Since co-founding Coalesce, Rachel has produced, created and performed a variety of works. Rachel has a passion for organising dance events and festivals as well as working with youth companies and young children. Over the past year Rachel has been an apprentice performer for Hawk Dance Theatre and The Knotted Project in their interactive children's piece The Chit Chat Chalk Show as well as performing in Move It and U.Dance North West. 

Emily is Coalesce Dance Theatre's musician in residence. Her main instrument is the acoustic guitar, as well as providing vocals. She joined Coalesce Dance Theatre in November 2017, where she provided an original musical score for their work Hereafter. Emily has subsequently began producing the Company's graphic design and website development. She has since toured work with the Company, to a variety of venues and theatres throughout the UK. Emily loves being creative, and enjoys learning and developing new skills.

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