About Us

Coalesce Dance Theatre is a Manchester based, female led contemporary dance company. Directors Fern Wareham and Rachel Maffei have established an ethos that places people at the heart of their practice. Coalesce approach subjects that are current and topical, uplifting and engaging audiences with their thoughtfully crafted choreography.

Coalesce Dance Theatre was formed in 2017 and have since developed a unique and daring floor based style, combining strength and fluidity with a raw and impulsive energy.

Coalesce are proud to have been supported by Arts Council England's Grants for the Arts/Project Grant Lottery Funding on a range of projects, including Hereafter, The Cocoon and DanceConnect. The Company are also supported by The University of Salford as Alumni Artist in Residence and were the first dance company to be awarded a place on The Lowry ‘Class of' Artists' Scheme.

Their mission is to connect people of all backgrounds with dance through exciting and powerful performance, educational outreach and professional development opportunities. 


The company developed a pro class initiative in 2018 called DanceConnect, to support and grow the dance ecology in Manchester. Their class runs twice a week and has seen over 188 artists attend and connect.  

‘What Coalesce are offering is invaluable…I think Manchester is benefiting from their energy and offer’ - Kapow Dance Circus Theatre

The company are currently working on a number of creative projects including DanceConnect, The Cocoon and The Old Green Time Machine (coming soon).

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