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'A Piece' is a small excerpt from Coalesce's full length work, 'The Cocoon'. 

This raw and uplifting celebration of womanhood uses music, spoken word and thoughtfully crafted choreography to explore the female experience. With stories gathered and shared by women’s groups across Greater Manchester, this work searches to connect women to each other, and to themselves. 'A piece' is a conversation, an inner voice that stumbles and falters, that 'rants and raves'. An expression of desire, connection and containment. 

Choreographed by: Fern Wareham & Rachel Maffei

Artists: Jordan Sherd

Composer: Richard Smithson

Spoken Word: Fern Wareham

Photography/Videography: Emily Davidson

Supported by: York Dance Space

Commissioned by:

A Piece

A Piece

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