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With captivating choreography and an original live music score, Hereafter fuses together dance and live music in an exploration of cross art collaboration. 


As musicians and dancers share the stage, we witness the development of a common language. 

"Their use of technology and live music on stage in the work is innovative and imaginative.“   - Ransack Dance Company

"Amazing energy from the dancers and musicians. Tensions, connecting, disconnecting, reconnecting. What a joy to watch" - Caroline Lamond (Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018)

Hereafter was commissioned by Innovations Festival and Arrive platform in Brecon, Wales curated by Ransack Dance and, most recently, Watch US Dance Platform, University of Salford.

Choreographed by: Fern Wareham & Rachel Maffei

Artists: Fern Wareham, Rachel Maffei, Jemma Stein, Emily Barber

Live Music/Composition: Emily Davidson & Adam Hargreaves

Photography/Videography: Josh Hawkins

Commissioned by: New Adelphi Theatre (Salford), Z-Arts (Manchester) 

Supported by:

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