The Old Green Time Machine

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The Old green Time Machine follows the journey of two intrepid and quirky time travellers who are in a race to save the world. In a future where all living things have been destroyed and all thats left is plastic, our two adventurers find themselves on an urgent journey into the past to change the course of history. It's a shame their time machine has seen better days!

Made from a a battered old bicycle, our time travellers need your help to fix it, so they can return to their mission...

This family friendly outdoor show explores the importance of climate action and how we are all responsible for making positive changes to save the planet. This show is a whirlwind of contemporary dance, music, poetry and fund, with participatory elements that go hand in hand with an urgent, yet positive message.

Choreographed by: Fern Wareham & Rachel Maffei

Artists: Fern Wareham & Rachel Maffei

Composer: Richard Smithson

Set Designer: Charlotte Cook

Photography/Videography: Emily Davidson

Produced by: Spin Arts

Supported by:

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